This Web page was created by Ivana Marinkovic jan 2000 <--------------------------------------------> Barak stories
Life with hounds is ever exciting. They are born for creating adventure. If you hunt with them it is the most unpredictable way of hunting, it's been said that if you want to hunt for to fill a bag, you take a gun dog, but if you want excitement, and not necessarily a kill, you take a hound. If you do not hunt, there is always the waiting for a hound to return from the trail... and always trying to outwit their ability to find food in strange places... and their affinity to trash cans (at least the dogs think of that as adventure). On these pages I am starting to describe some of the adventures I experienced with my hounds, and would you believe, althought I had (still have) other dogs - Pit bulls, and herding dogs, they did not provide any material for tales, as those hounds did.