Faults - what Barak should not look like:

Gromit This dog is nice colour, but legs are too long and thin. Ears good size and shape but too highly placed.

Coarse female, looking a bit like a male (considered not such a big fault as a feminized male). Somewhat too long regarding height. Sloping hindquarters.

An example of a female which is too small, narrow chested, too tucked up, with triangular ears that are too short, and also the tail tends to curve.

Another tail straining to curl. This is the much discussed recessive yellow colour - some would exclude it, some would reconstruct the wirehair Posavac.

under construction Very light recessive yellow, not the wheathen as in the Posavac but like washed out, almost white. Skin pigment is dark.

Elvis This is on the contrary a very much coveted greenish-gray, but unfortunately the coat is way too soft and constantly matting. Seems this colour and this type of coat often occur simultainously.

Teeth, some broken Very bad teeth, similar as those that sometimes spring up as a result of distemper, except this particular dog was decidedly never ever suffering from any disease. This should be particularly wathched against in the future.

Worn out teeth Another set of teeth that got worn out too soon (dog 4 years old). Not life threatening, but it would be sad if too many of our dogs get to look like this.

Diana Short tail, short ears, too fine head. One of the rarer colours (as pup was wheaten yellow).