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 And now,

This is the pedigree of Cezar (see down the page for all those white spaces):
 Vrlo dobra
 Vrlo dobar
 Bari (Đeki)
 Car (Cigo) JR20020
 Medea (Cura) JR20021
 Bira (Bara)
 Bonzo JR20963
 Biza JR20206
 Dado (Beli)
 Boksi (Bari) JR 20394
 Biza (Puta) JR20396
 Bori (Bari)
 Cicko JR70016
 Biza JR20206
 Atas (Bobi) JR21243
 Cica (Dunja) JR21242
 Buli (Brko) JR21164
 Bira JR21244
 Ada (Puta)
 Bari (Šapi) JR20935
 Alka (Lasa) JR21082

Yes, dogs that are not registered (NR in the table) can have a pedigree too - a pedigree is but a list of known ancestors. The white spaces mean unknown ancestors. What gives weight to an F.C.I. or some other registry pedigree is that the registry guarantees it's validity. (Cezar is not registered and only I guarantee for this data; with F.C.I. pups, all litters are supervised by appointed senior club member, and tatooed, microchips will probably be introduced soon). All F.C.I. dogs in this country also have to be entered at some show at some point; this insures transparency (and this is why some registries are the most valued; registries of those organizations that do not organize shows are vulnerable to all kinds of fudge and are not held in high esteem - even DNA testing does not mean much if you know nothing of its possessor, may never even seen it). Please do not say "I do not need a registered dog, as long as it is purebred, I am not entering him for shows." I heard this nonsense, once too many. All of us that love purebreed animals do need shows and registries, and badly. If you really do not want to enter shows but still want/need a purebred, don't spend your good money on buying unregistered pups (or registered with some obscure organization that noone heard of before) - get a rescue, there are lots of purebreeds in need of new homes, many of whom are the same unregistered pups that their breeders did not manage to find homes for; or get a registered pet quality pup (A.K.C. is one that offers this possibility) - that way you help others to continue the breeding of purebred dog.

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last revised april 5 2000