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  At last!

Last year (1999) I bred my first litter of fully registered Baraks!
Some day, hopefully, this site will have a searchable database, but for now, this is their pedigree:
 Cigo JR40096
 Amur JR20060 
 Čeba JR20459
 Cigo JR40096
 Ara JR40025
 Cigo JR40096
 Amur JR20060
 Čeba JR20459
 Brnjo JR20845
 Nera JR40036
 Vrlo dobra
 Bobi JR21991
 Cindri JR21104
 Bira (Biza) JR21781
 Ara JR40268
 Bari JR21075
 Ada JR21531
 Lisko JR180
 Dona JR10104
 Cigo JR40096
 Ara JR40025
 Vrlo dobra
 Vrlo dobar
 Bari (Đeki)
 Car (Cigo) JR20020
 Medea (Cura) JR20021
 Bira (Bara)
 Bonzo JR20963
 Biza JR20206
 Dado (Beli)
 Boksi (Bari) JR 20394
 Biza (Puta) JR20396
 Bori (Bari)
 Cicko JR70016
 Biza JR20206
 Atas (Bobi) JR21243
 Cica (Dunja) JR21242
 Buli (Brko) JR21164
 Bira JR21244
 Ada (Puta)
 Bari (Šapi) JR20935
 Alka (Lasa) JR21082

Repeated appearence of some common names (four Bizas here and five Baris) make pedigrees sometimes difficult to sort through...
One Bobi in the great-great-granparents generations was quite an exceptional dog, a show winner. He was lost during the war. These pups are also all quite likely to become champions - due to their rarity; and, take a look into the pedigree - miracuously, for a rare breed, they are not inbred!
All the puppies went to live in Lika, the hilly region of Croatia, all within 100 km of each other. Also, all but those that remained with me (one male and one female) will be hunting, mostly wild boars. and, finally, they will all live with 5-10 year old kids in the family - most Baraks that I have seen are genuine pets too, even those the most hard working.

  A note on naming: most names are traditional dog names, like Bobi, Bara, Bina, Biza etc. Those have no meaning, but are simply two syllables put together (suitable for yelling across hills). Other names refer to the colour - Lisko (with a blaze), Nera (dark), Žućko (yellow). Mytholohical and history characters are also there - Medea, Cezar, Ero (from a Croatian comic opera). Another popular option is birds and trees - Sokol (falcon), Jastreb (goshawk), Čigra (tern), Ariš (larch), Breza (birch), Cer (oak). There are also some rivers and stars: Dobra (also means "good"), Cetina, Amur, Vega. Dogs are often given additional call names (those that are in brackets) or part of the registered name becomes a call name. Usually, "-a" endings signify female names. The hope is that names will be more varied but stay simple and never become artificially orientalized as say (warning: invented derogatory name - do not try it on anydog) Govinda's Zdrapiga Bedakast. You never know into what tongue's tricks one can fall into... even us Croats (our languages differentiate less than American from English) do not know all Bosnian curse and bad words (and there are lots, and imaginative ones, trust me, in both our tongues) as some are of Turkish origin.
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