naked nesks, excellent brooders
My birds include pigeons, chicken and one guniea fowl (which will hopefully get a mate soon). They are all pets, but mostly hard-working pets. Some of my pigeons are homers, which have a long history of service to civilization, others are rollers that provide entertainment unimaginable to you guys that have not seen it. I want eggs from my chickens & when they get old, I expect from them to be good brooding hens; so I chose among the breeds that are good layers and good parents. There is some problem with roosters, though. That is, the genetics provides the same number of male and female chicks, but nature needs only a fraction of that number of roosters. So, some of the males have to go to the dogs (and even more are eaten by people). Maybe there are other solutions, I do not know what Gandhi did to the chick cockerels (he kept a flock of egg-producing hens, without males, so that they lay infertile eggs which could be eaten and karma sort of remaining pure). I myself have no ethical problems with eating fertilized eggs, but I do deem unethical to do away with the males. And as I do not like to have to slaughter my roosters, I get around this unpleasantness by hatching only purebred chicks, that way I can sell the surplus cockerels. Also some of the chicken are of ornamental kind, males being colorful and generally trying to be beautiful to impress the hens - being beautiful in the eyes of human beholders also helps toward long life chickenwise (sorry for the pun). In the future I would like to have some of the singing (long-crowing) breeds - and then the surplus males problem will be no more. There may be problems with neighbours though...

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