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1year old

Zagreb, Croatia

Meleagar - Probably the best from this litter. Proper colour, strong built, good legs, hair exactly the right texture, lively and fit for field work.
Merlin - Arguably, he is the best. Right colour, hair, voice, strong built, good temperament. Maybe a little stubborn ("too clever by half")
Mambo - Will be a good family dog, a little gentler than his brothers and a pink on the shy side. Exterior OK, will be with proper training good field dog. 
Mala Floramye - Good looks, learns things extremely quickly but is a little shy, not a problem for a female
Moreška - She's extremely athletic, jumps over the highest fences in a single bound, sleeps on the top shelf above the wardrobe. Not all that strong built, but this probably fits in with the jumping ability; nice long ears. No trimming for this kind of hair.


Istrian coarsehaired hound (about the breed)

Why this breed?

- it is beautiful;
- it is dinamic, active and ever happy;
- it is friendly, even towards unknown people;
- not quarrelsome, but not afraid of trivialities;
- is able to run days on, without rest;
- it is mostly white and thus easy to control if he is clean;
- because this kind of coat sheds very little and is really easy to care for.

Why not?

- not enough time for walking;
- not interested in fields, woods, hares and foxes (and a wild boar here and there);
- if you're no good in training dogs;
- or you're too good in training dogs (you want absolute obedience);
- in fact you want something extreme, very big or tiny or looong hair or whatever. This is a dog of quite moderate exterior.