Some Bosnian hound colours:

OB Disclaimer: These photos were taken under varying circumstances, on bright sunny days and overcast days and some inside with flashlight, so one dreaded characteristic called colour temperature may vary, i.e. tan might appear more reddish or more whitish or not at all as it looks in real life. Corrections were made where I deemed necessary, but then I may have overdone things sometimes. Try to compare to the colour of grass etc.
LINKS to more barak pictures: good and not so good, more on baraks: long text.
Ola The ultimate desire, one shade somewhat between metallic grey and ochre yellow more or less all over, what many term "green". This is most likely the "yellow-bellied agouti", similar to "sesame" in oriental spitz types or "salt-and-pepper" if salt-and-pepper breeds weren't stripped and had this coat lenght.

Elvis Another "green" dog which blends nicely into shrubbery.

Lesi This is the most common colour, a variation of black and tan, maybe something to do with incomplete dominance; blanket is graying at the roots, iron-gray, black hairtips. Typical gray spots on the temples. Pups are born black-and-tan. Some form of G, perhaps?

Caka Vitezanska Similar to the previous one, less blanket, more tan.

Early The colour that appeared 5 generations ago up the pedigree: top wiew of a dark blanket split in two patches by a brown belt. A little on the reddish side of tan.

Coffee Saddle (not a groomed dog, this is what happens)

Ch Astra Vitezanska Another saddle, but split vertically into two patches at each of the flanks, as often seen in Beagles. Graying on the muzzle (5 years old).

Dobra Wheaten? This one was born black-and tan, then was blanket-marked, then saddle; this is year 4, and only faint traces of saddle remain.

Petko This dog in fact was born 1/3 white with a white blaze. However only a bit of it can now be seen: short socks on his front legs, and a small spot on the chest. Noticeably light shade of tan and typical gray spots at the temples.

Diana Yet another colour change: this female as a pup was light, then darkened (undercoat and points, on tail, ears and underside, but not on the muzzle) at about 2 years of age. Something to do with modificators of superextension?

Fanta Some like it cool, some like it not at all: ee factored yellow (in the Croatian "Posavski" hounds this is wheaten).

a mix This is a mix of unknown ancestry, but a Barak of this colour might look somewhat similar. A carroty tinge on the dark parts can be noticed (on the flanks) even on this overcast day, and a Barak would be probably yet more on the reddish side.

under construction Very pale wheathen. Almost everybody agrees that this is not a nice colour. Not a black-nosed albino but an ee factored with either cchcch chinchilla or, more likely, a lot of Int and similar modifiers.